Message from Board Chairman

We strive to have an economic, social and spiritual impact and provide a safe and growing company for all our shareholders.

Dear Shareholder,

A very interesting year indeed. 2020 is proof that anything can happen.  Wild swings in the value of most asset classes.  A good time to stick with the fundamentals that have made our company solid.

Relationships are important.  We took care of our staff, no cuts in compensation or benefits except for the top four individuals.  And with a strong recovery in the last part of the year were able to give those back and pay profit sharing.

We continued to stay with our partners in several investments that have recovered nicely. The private and public companies we have invested in have little or no debt and strong balance sheets.

The stock buyback plan continues to be in place for those who may want to sell.  If you have questions or a desire to sell, please feel free to give our office a call.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


Jesse T. Correll

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